Best Price Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

Save Big Today for Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400. Replaces EAP11740783, PS11740783, AP6007666, 2786, W10295573, 99989662, 3149400, 3148954, 314140, 311859, 311858, 311846, 310180, and more. Fast Shipping Here!

Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

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Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

The Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400 is a crucial component in your stove, responsible for controlling the heat of the surface burner. It allows you to adjust the temperature and ensure precise cooking on your range.

  • Part Number: WP3149400
  • Replacement Numbes: 310180, 311846, 311858, 311859, 314140, 3148954, 3149400, 99989662, W10295573, 2786, AP6007666, PS11740783, EAP11740783
  • Part Types: Stove Top Element Control Switch, Cooktop Heating Element Switch, Oven Range Surface Switch
  • Compatible Brands: Amana, Estate, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Magic-Chef, Maytag, Roper, Whirlpool

Compatible Models for Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

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1033227810, 1033227890, 1033248010, 1033248091, 1033248092, 1033367910, 1033367911, 1034367910, 1037267811, 1037287812, 1037288010, 1037288110, 1037297813, 1037297910, 1037297911, 1037297912, 1037298010, 1037298110, 1037358010, 1037358110, 1037858010, 1037907911, 1037907912, 1037907913, 1037907914, 9116138511, 9116158511, 9116178511, 9116187811, 9116187812, 9116187813, 9117108010, 9117128010, 9117128012, 66592002100, 66592002101, 66592002102, 66592004100, 66592004101, 66592004102, 66592005101, 66592005102, 66592012100, 66592012101, 66592012102, 66592014100, 66592014101, 66592014102, 66592015101, 66592015102, 66592022100, 66592022101, 66592023101, 66592024100, 66592024101, 66592025100, 66592025101, 66592029100, 66592029101, 66592142300, 66592143300, 66592144300, 66592162300, 66592163300, 66592164300, 66592169300, 66595002100, 66595002101, 66595002102, 66595004100, 66595004101, 66595004102, 66595005101, 66595005102, 66595012100, 66595012101, 66595012102, 66595014100, 66595014101, 66595014102, 66595015101, 66595015102, 66595022100, 66595022101, 66595023101, 66595024100, 66595024101, 66595025100, 66595025101, 66595029100, 66595029101, 66595032200, 66595033200, 66595034200, 66595039200, 66595142300, 66595143300, 66595144300, 66595162300, 66595163300, 66595164300, 66595169300, 66595775890, 66595775891, 66595776890, 66595776891, 66595779890, 66595779891, 66595781000, 66595788000, 66595792000, 66595794000, 66595802000, 66595804000, 66595809000, 66595812000, 66595814000, 66595819000, 66595822000, 66595822001, 66595822002, 66595822003, 66595822004, 66595822005, 66595823003, 66595823004, 66595823005, 66595824000, 66595824001, 66595824002, 66595824003, 66595824004, 66595824005, 66595825002, 66595825003, 66595825004, 66595825005, 66595829000, 66595829001, 66595829002, 66595829003, 66595829004, 66595829005, 1213W1A, 12150A, 12151A, 1215W0A, 1215W1A, 12350A, 12351A, 1235W0A, 1235W1A, 12760A, 1276W0A, 14050A, 14051A, 14052A, 1405W0A, 1405W1A, 14150A, 14151A, 1415W0A, 1415W1A, 14160A, 14161A, 14162A, 1416W0A, 1416W1A, 1416W2A, 14250A, 14251A, 1425W0A, 1425W1A, 1426X0A, 1426X1A, 1426X2A, 14350A, 14351A, 1435W0A, 1435W1A, 14360A, 14361A, 1436W0A, 1436W1A, 14450A, 14451A, 1445W0A, 1445W1A, 1455X0A, 2920A, 2930A, 2940A, 2950A, 2960A, 4KAER7685EW0, 4KAER7685EW1, 4KMER7685ES0, 4KMER7685ES1, 4KMER7685EW0, 4KMER7685EW1, 4KWFE7685ES0, 4KWFE7685ES1, 4KWFE7685EW0, 4KWFE7685EW1, 4RF315PXEQ0, 4RF315PXGQ0, 4RF315PXKQ0, 4RF315PXMQ0, 99521 (1988), 99528 (1988), 99531 (1988), 99538 (1988), ACR2303MFW5, ACR2303MFW7, ACR4203MNB0, ACR4203MNS0, ACR4203MNW0, ACR4303MFB4, ACR4303MFB5, ACR4303MFB7, ACR4303MFS4, ACR4303MFS7, ACR4303MFW4, ACR4303MFW5, ACR4303MFW7, ACR4303MMS0, ACR4503SFB4, ACR4503SFB5, ACR4503SFB7, ACR4503SFW4, ACR4503SFW5, ACR4503SFW7, AER5522VAS0, AER5522VAW0, AER5522VCS0, AER5522VCS1, AER5522VCW0, AER5522VCW1, AER5523XAB0, AER5523XAB1, AER5523XAQ0, AER5523XAW0, AER5523XAW1, AER5524XAD0, AER5524XAD1, AER5822VAB0, AER5822VAD0, AER5822VAS0, AER5822VAW0, 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Common Problems with a Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

  1. Temperature control issues
  2. Burner not heating properly
  3. Sparking or arcing
  4. Switch not engaging
  5. Burner stays on even when turned off
  6. Loose or damaged wiring
  7. Damaged switch knob
  8. Switch knob not turning smoothly
  9. Burner not turning off when reaching the set temperature
  10. Electrical short circuits

How To Replace Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Surface Element Switch WP3149400

Ready to fix your surface element switch? Watch this video tutorial on ‘How To Replace Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Surface Element Switch WP3149400’ now!

(YouTube Video Credit: AppliancePartsPros)

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Range Surface Element Switch WP3149400

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