ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

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ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

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ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

The ADQ56656401 is a lint screen filter designed for LG dryers, helping to trap lint and prevent it from clogging the dryer’s exhaust. It’s an essential accessory to keep your dryer running efficiently and safely.

  • Part Number: ADQ56656401
  • Replacement Numbes: 1462822, AP4457244, PS3531962, EAP3531962
  • Part Types: Dryer Lint Trap, Lint Catcher, Lint Filter Screen
  • Compatible Brands: LG, Kenmore

Compatible Models for ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

This part ADQ56656401 works with these LG and Kenmore clothing dryer model numbers.

79574113711, 79680512900, 79680518900, 79681022900, 79681028900, 79681029900, 79681182310, 79681182311, 79681282310, 79681283310, 79681362910, 79681382410, 79681383410, 79681462910, 79681463910, 79681472210, 79681473210, 79681532110, 79681532210, 79681538110, 79681538210, 79681542110, 79681542210, 79681548110, 79681548210, 79681549110, 79681549210, 79681562910, 79681563910, 79681572210, 79681573210, 79681582410, 79681582411, 79681583410, 79681722000, 79681722010, 79681728000, 79681728010, 79681782810, 79681783710, 79681783810, 79682192900, 79682198900, 79682199900, 79690512900, 79690518900, 79691022900, 79691028900, 79691029900, 79691182310, 79691282310, 79691283310, 79691362910, 79691382410, 79691383410, 79691462910, 79691463910, 79691472210, 79691473210, 79691532110, 79691532210, 79691538110, 79691538210, 79691542110, 79691542210, 79691548110, 79691548210, 79691549110, 79691549210, 79691562910, 79691563910, 79691572210, 79691573210, 79691582410, 79691583410, 79691722000, 79691722010, 79691728000, 79691728010, 79691782710, 79691782810, 79691783810, 79692192900, 79692198900, 79692199900, DLE2601R, DLE2601W, DLE2701V, DLE3050W, DLE3170W, DLE3180W, DLE3180W/00, DLE3500W/00, DLE3600V/00, DLE3600W/00, DLE4970W, DLEX2801L, DLEX2801W, DLEX2901V, DLEX3001P, DLEX3001R, DLEX3001W, DLEX3250R, DLEX3250W, DLEX3360R, DLEX3360V, DLEX3360W, DLEX3370R, DLEX3370R/00, DLEX3370V, DLEX3370V/00, DLEX3370W, DLEX3370W/00, DLEX3470V, DLEX3470W, DLEX3550V, DLEX3550W, DLEX3570V, DLEX3570W, DLEX3570W/00, DLEX3700V/00, DLEX3700W/00, DLEX3875V, DLEX3875W, DLEX3885C, DLEX3885W, DLEX3900B, DLEX4070V, DLEX4070W, DLEX4200B/00, DLEX4200W/00, DLEX4270V, DLEX4270W, DLEX4370K, DLEX4370K/00, DLEX4370W, DLEX4370W/00, DLG2602R, DLG2602W, DLG2702V, DLG3051W, DLG3171W, DLG3171W/00, DLG3181W, DLG3181W/00, DLG3401W, DLG3401W/00, DLG3501W/00, DLG3601W/00, DLGX2802L, DLGX2802W, DLGX2902V, DLGX3002P, DLGX3002R, DLGX3002W, DLGX3251R, DLGX3251V, DLGX3251W, DLGX3361R, DLGX3361V, DLGX3361W, DLGX3371R, DLGX3371V, DLGX3371W, DLGX3371W/00, DLGX3471V, DLGX3471W, DLGX3551V, DLGX3551W, DLGX3571V, DLGX3571W, DLGX3701V/00, DLGX3701W/00, DLGX3876V, DLGX3876V/00, DLGX3876W, DLGX3876W/00, DLGX3886C, DLGX3886C/00, DLGX3886W, DLGX3886W/00, DLGX3901B, DLGX3901B/00, DLGX3901W, DLGX4001B, DLGX4071V, DLGX4071W, DLGX4201B/00, DLGX4201W/00, DLGX4271V, DLGX4271V/00, DLGX4271W, DLGX4371K, DLGX4371K/00, DLGX4371W, DLGX4371W/00, and more.

Common Problems with a ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

  • Clogged with lint
  • Torn or damaged screen
  • Difficult to clean

How To Replace LG/Kenmore Dryer Lint Filter ADQ56656401

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ADQ56656401 LG Dryer Lint Screen Filter

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