74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner

Are you in search of the 74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner? Find the perfect replacement for your Jenn-Air range and enhance your cooking experience with reliable and efficient heat distribution.

74005189 Jenn-Air Range Top Rear Gas Burner

74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner

The 74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner is a crucial component of your Jenn-Air range, responsible for providing heat and flame for cooking. It is designed to deliver precise and consistent heat to the rear burner of your range.


  • Part Number: 74005189
  • Replacement Parts: 71001934, 778714, 7-5402, Y705402, EAP1647215, PS1647215, 7505P284-60, 4381670, 7101934, AP4094574, 8189688, 705402
  • Part Types: Range Rear Gas Burner Assembly, Range Surface Burner
  • Compatible Brands: JennAir, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, Maytag
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following Whirlpool, Jenn-Air, and compatible models:

SVD48600PR, CG206L, AG202MG12, CVG4280B, SVD48600PF, JGD8348ADP, CG206S, SVD48600PU, CVG4380P, CVG4380PD, SVD48600P, CG200B, CCG406B, SVD48600BC, CVG4380PF, SC8720EDB06, SEG196-C, CVG4380PR, AG202B, AG202MB12, CVG4380B, SEG196, SVD48600PC, SC8720EDB0, CVG4380PU, CVG4380PG, CG206B-E, SVD48600PT, SVD48600B, CG200L, CSG9900AAB, CVG4280S, SVD48600W, SC8720EDW0, CVG316B, CVG4380PK, CG200, CVG4380, CCG406L, SVD48600WC, CG206B, AG201B, CCG406S, SVD48600PK, SVD48600PG, and more.


  1. Heat source: The rear gas burner generates heat and flame to cook food evenly and efficiently.
  2. Temperature control: It allows you to adjust the heat intensity by controlling the gas flow to the burner, providing flexibility in cooking different types of dishes.
  3. Simmering: The burner is capable of producing a low, gentle flame, making it ideal for simmering sauces, soups, or delicate dishes.
  4. Boiling and high-heat cooking: The burner can also generate high heat, enabling rapid boiling or searing of ingredients.
  5. Even heat distribution: The burner’s design ensures the heat is evenly distributed across the cooking surface, preventing hot spots and ensuring consistent cooking results.

Common Symptoms of a Faulty Rear Gas Burner:

  • Insufficient heat or flame: The burner may not produce enough heat or may have an uneven flame, leading to inadequate cooking performance.
  • Burner not igniting: If the burner fails to ignite, it may be a sign of a faulty ignition system or gas supply issue.
  • Irregular flame patterns: The flame may be irregular, flickering, or displaying abnormal patterns, indicating a problem with the gas flow or burner assembly.

How to Replace the 74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner:

  1. Ensure safety: Disconnect the power supply and turn off the gas valve before proceeding with any repairs or replacements.
  2. Access the burner: Remove the grates and burner caps to access the rear gas burner assembly.
  3. Disconnect gas supply: Carefully disconnect the gas supply line from the rear burner assembly, following proper safety procedures.
  4. Remove the burner assembly: Loosen any mounting screws or brackets securing the burner assembly to the cooktop and carefully lift it out.
  5. Install the new burner: Place the new 74005189 rear gas burner assembly in the designated position and secure it with the mounting screws or brackets.
  6. Reconnect gas supply: Reconnect the gas supply line to the new burner assembly, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.
  7. Test the burner: Restore power and gas supply, and test the rear gas burner for proper ignition and flame performance.

Remember, if you’re unsure about performing the replacement yourself, it’s always recommended to consult a professional technician for assistance.

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74005189 Jenn-Air Range Rear Gas Burner

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