WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter Replacement Part For GE

WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter Replacement For GE

WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter

Item Specifics:

  • MPN (Manufacturer Part Number): WB13K21
  • Model Number: DS020KX
  • Condition: New
  • Power Source: Natural Gas
  • Manufacturer: Surface Ignitor Corp
  • Product Type: Oven Ignitor
  • Compatible Brand: General Electric, Kenmore, Hotpoint, Americana, Surface Ignitor Corp
  • Installation: Freestanding
  • Compatible Model: RGB532BEA2WH & many others.
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Suitable For: Conventional Oven/Stove
  • Brand: GE
  • Type: Igniter
  • Item Weight: 3.98lbs.
  • Manufacturer Color: Grey
  • Item Location: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Price: Check the price below

Replacement Parts:

This WB13K21 part can be replaced with the following range oven part numbers:

WB13K0012, WB13K0013, WB13K0014, WB13K0021, WB13K10009, WB13K10026, WB13K12, WB13K13, WB13K14, WB13K21-16PK, 2494, AP2020569, PS231280, EAP231280

Compatible Models

This WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter can be used in the following range oven models:

JGB902CEH2CC, JGBS04BEH1CT, EGR3000ED2BB, JGB928TEK6WW, JGBP88DEM1CC, JGB290DEN1BB, JGBP86CEB5CC, JGB900WEK7WW, JGB820DEP2BB, 36275696891, JGBP88CEK3CC, JGB918SEK2SS, CGS980SEM4SS, JGB400SEP1SS, JGB605EED1ES, EGR2000EM3WW, 36273220203, 36275188691, JGBP87SEM2SS, 36275620300, RGB745DEP1CT, JGB620DEF3WW, JGBP88WEK4WW, JGB400SEP4SS, JGBP30WEA7WW, 36271161691, JGBP87MEL1BG, 36272208892, JGBP85WEH1WW, JGB810SET1SS, JGB697DEH1BB, JGB918CEK3CC, 36272220203, 36275588890, JGB281DER6BB, RGB526DEH1WW, 36275944101, JGB928SEK1SS, JGBP85WEB5WW, RGB533BEK1BB, 36272624301, JGBP87WEK2WW, JGBP26DEM3WW, JGBP32DEM3BB, 3627556992, 36272201890, RGB533CEH7CC, JGB928TEK5WW, JGB805DEP1WW, JGB920BEC2BB, JGB905SEF2SS, 36275970690, JGBP25GER5SA, JGBP99BEH1BB, JGBP86DEM1WW, EGR3001EL1SS, 36272205891, LGB146BEA1AD, JGB770DEF1WW, JGB918SEL2SS, J2B912CEK3CC, 36272211101, 36272222203, 36273288891, 36275501990, JGBS60GLK2SA, JGB915SEF2SS, JGB630DEF3WW, JGBS07DEM4CC, 36261121892, 36275990002, JGBP85BEH3BB, JGBP25SEN8SS, 36275695891, EGR3000EJ1CC, 36272765892, JGB900BEK5BB, CGS980SEM6SS, JGB697SEH1SS, 36273220202, EGR3001EF1SS, 36272422201, J2BP85WEL1WW, JGB908CEK7CC, JGBS04BEM3WH, JGBP85DEM3BB, JGBS07SET2SA, JGB282SET3SS, JGB900WEF1WW, RGB526DET3WW, JGB928BEK3BB, PGB908DEM1BB, and more.

Functions of WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter

  1. Ignites gas for oven heating.
  2. Initiates the burner flame.
  3. Regulates temperature inside the oven.
  4. Ensures consistent cooking performance.
  5. Facilitates even baking and roasting.
  6. Vital for proper oven functionality.
  7. Converts electrical energy into heat.
  8. Essential for igniting gas-powered ovens.
  9. Enables safe and efficient cooking.

Common Problems of WB13K21 Range Oven Flat Igniter

  1. Range oven not heating.
  2. Oven taking too long to ignite.
  3. Range oven not reaching desired temperature.
  4. Oven burner not lighting up.
  5. Range oven producing gas smell without igniting.
  6. Oven igniter glowing but burner not igniting.
  7. Range oven igniter sparking but no flame.
  8. Oven igniter visibly damaged or cracked.
  9. Range oven igniter not glowing at all.
  10. Oven burner igniting inconsistently.

Troubleshooting Your GE Gas Oven: Igniter Replacement Guide

Ready to bring back the heat to your GE gas oven? Watch our step-by-step guide to replace the WB13K21 igniter and get cooking again!

WB13K21 Flat Igniter Replacement For GE Oven Range

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