Whirlpool W11387384 Refrigerator Control Board Replacement Part

Compare Lowest Prices Genuine W11387384 Whirlpool Refrigerator Circuit Board replacement part. Fits W11330972 4958620 EAP12728681 W11106555 W11114484 W10852747 W11036562 PS12728681 AP6972952 repair parts and more. Shop Now.

Whirlpool W11387384 Refrigerator Control Board Replacement Part

Whirlpool W11387384 Refrigerator Main Control Board Replacement Part

  • Part No: W11387384
  • Replaces Part No: EAP12728681 4958620 W11114484 W11330972 AP6972952 W10852747 W11036562 W11106555 PS12728681
  • Compatible Brands: Whirlpool
  • Product or Service Type: Refrigerator Control Board Appliance Parts, Refrigerator dispenser control board
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Fits Models:

The Whirlpool W11387384 Fridge Parts Power Control Board fits the following models. Use Ctrl-F to find your appliance model as follows.

Replaces EAP12728681 W11330972 4958620 W11036562 PS12728681 W10852747 AP6972952 W11114484 W11106555

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Whirlpool W11387384 Refrigerator Control Board Replacement Part

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Other Appliance Information

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