PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board

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PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board

PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board

The PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board is a vital component that regulates and manages the various functions of your Viking oven, ensuring precise temperature control and efficient cooking performance. Designed for reliability and ease of use, this control board offers intuitive interface and durability to enhance your culinary experience.


  • Part Number: PE050213
  • Replacement Parts: n/a
  • Part Types: Range/Oven Electronic Main Control Board
  • Compatible Brands: Viking
  • Fits Appliance Models: Please see the list below.
  • Price: Check price on eBay.

Fits Appliance Models

This part fits the following Viking range models: VESO165, VESO166, VESO165C, VESO107, VESO177, VEDO207C, VESO177C, VEDO265, VEDO265C, VGSO100, VEDO277C, VESO107C, VEDO207, VEDO277, VEDO266, and more.

Common Problems of PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board

Common problems of the PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board can include:

  • Display malfunctions, such as flickering, dimming, or complete loss of display.
  • Inaccurate temperature readings leading to uneven cooking or baking.
  • Unresponsive touch controls or buttons, affecting the ability to set and adjust settings.
  • Faulty or intermittent communication between the control board and other oven components.
  • Inability to start or stop the oven, disrupting cooking cycles.
  • Error codes or fault messages indicating internal issues.
  • Failure to maintain consistent preheating, resulting in unpredictable cooking times.
  • Issues with self-cleaning cycles or other advanced oven functions.
  • Susceptibility to power surges or electrical disturbances, potentially damaging the control board.
  • Overall malfunction or failure of the control board, necessitating replacement or repair.

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PE050213 Viking Oven Control Board

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