Maytag Washer Motor Control Board 7MMHW6000BW0 MHW3000BW0

Maytag WPW10374126 Washer Motor Control Board

  • Product: Washing Machine Washer Motor Control Board PCB Assembly
  • Part Number: WPW10374126
  • Replaces Parts: 1878957 AP6020609 PS11753928 EAP11753928 W10245123 W10374126
  • Fits Brands: Maytag Whirlpool
  • Price: US$ 232.43
  • Item Location: USA- 8 Warehouse, United States

Fits Maytag Washer Models:

7MMHW6000BW0 7MMHW7000BG0 7MMHW7000YG0 MHW3000BG0 MHW3000BW0 MHW4200BG0 MHW4200BW0 MHW6000AG0 MHW6000AW0 MHW6000XG0 MHW6000XG1 MHW6000XG2 MHW6000XR0 MHW6000XR1 MHW6000XR2 MHW6000XW0 MHW6000XW1 MHW6000XW2 MHW7000AG0 MHW7000AW0 MHW7000XG0 MHW7000XG1 MHW7000XG2 MHW7000XR1 MHW7000XR2 MHW7000XW0 MHW7000XW2 MHW8000AG0 MHW8000AW0 MHW9000YG0 MHW9000YR0 MHW9000YW0

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