Jenn-Air JFI2089AEP12 Refrigerator Electronic Main Control Board

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Your Part Number: W10312695 / WPW10312695″

Whirlpool GI5FVAXYY00 Refrigerator Control Board

Refrigerator Fridge Main Control Board

  • Product: Refrigerator Electronic Circuit Main Control Board PCB Assembly
  • Part Number: W10312695 WPW10312695
  • Replace Parts: W10312695 1876388 AP6019287 W10312695
  • Fits Brands: Amana Jenn-Air Kenmore KitchenAid Maytag Whirlpool

Fits Refrigerator Models:

This item WPW10312695 fits the following Amana Jenn-Air Kenmore KitchenAid Maytag Whirlpool Refrigerator models. Use Ctrl+F to find your particular model below.

EF36IWFSSS1 JFI2089AEP6 JFI2089WES2 JFI2089WES9 JFI2089WTS3 59679243018 59678333802 59679242011 59679243010 59679249015 59679249016 59679543011 5967954901 59679549015 KRFC400ESS00 KFIS20XVBL3 KFIS20XVBL7 KFIS20XVMS7 KFIS20XVWH2 KFIS25XVBL2 KFIS25XVMS5 KFIS25XVWH3 7MI2569VEM4 MFI2269FRH00 MFI2269FRZ01 MFI2067AES9 MFI2269DRH01 MFI2269VEB6 MFI2269VEM5 MFI2269VEQ5 MFI2269VEQ8 MFI2569VEB4 MFI2569YEB2 MFI2569YEM0 GI0FSAXVB04 GI0FSAXVB08 GI0FSAXVY07 GI5FVAXVB03 GI5FVAXYQ00 GI5FSAXVY05 and more.

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