Bosch Oven Control Board 12022213 Parts

Cheap Price – Bosch Oven Control Board 12022213 Parts. Fits HBL3560UC/09 HBL5620UC/04 HBL3560UC/08 HBN5650UC/08 HBN3550UC/09 HBL3550UC/10 HBL5660UC/06 HBN3550UC/06 HBL5650UC/06 models and others. Buy and Save.

Bosch Oven Control Board 12022213 Parts

Bosch Oven Control Board 12022213 Parts

  • Item: 12022213 00655323 Bosch Range Relay Board
  • Part No: 12022213
  • Replacement Parts: 648781 PS12368101 00650428 646640 659615 4920842 EAP12368101 00655323 AP6329525 655323 657432 00657432 650428 00659615 00646640 00648781
  • Compatible Brands: Bosch
  • Type: Stove Oven Range Replacement Parts, Electronic Circuit Main Control Board Assembly
  • Item Location: Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Ship To: United States
  • Policy: Seller does not accept returns
  • Item Condition: New
  • Item Price: US $195.00
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Fits Models:

The oven control board 12022213 can be used for the following Bosch models. Use Ctrl-F to find your specific model listed as follows.

HBN3550UC/08 HBL3550UC/04 ME302EP01 HBN3550UC/09 HBL5620UC/08 HBL3560UC/05 HBL5660UC/08 HBL3560UC/08 HBL3560UC/07 HBL5660UC/06 HBL5650UC/05 HBL3550UC/06 HBL5650UC/06 HBL3550UC/10 HBL5650UC/04 HBL5620UC/04 HBN5650UC/10 HBL3550UC/05 HBN3550UC/06 HBN3550UC/05 HBL5660UC/04 HBL5650UC/08 HBN5650UC/05 HBN5650UC/09 HBN3550UC/11 HBL5620UC/06 HBN5650UC/08 HBL3560UC/04 HBN3550UC/10 HBL3560UC/09 HBL3550UC/08 HBN5650UC/06 HBL5660UC/09 HBL5620UC/09 HBL5650UC/09 HBL3550UC/09

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Bosch Oven Control Board 12022213 Parts
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